Sex is Here. Lef: acrylic on canvas, 14X11″.  Right: a photo of the same canvas cut in a bowl with orange peel. 2020

This work is an investigation of the difference between slogans and mantras. First, I did a series of paintings in which I wrote the phrase “Sex is here” to remind me of the presence of sexual energy in the totality of our lives. I wanted to see beyond the highjacking of sex by porn in our culture. Then, I cut the painting to transform it into meditative acts and transpose the slogan “sex is here” to a mantra experience through repetitive actions. After cutting this painting, I opened oranges for my daughter. Peeling the oranges and trying not to break the peels felt like a meditative act. I suspect that capitalism robs us of our creativity in many ways. And I guess slogans deny us the emptying of our thoughts, which we can achieve through prayer.   

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