WWW. Tibetan paper and photograph, 2020.

A series of five photographs in which I used a Tibetan paper with a hole, in reference to the work by Antonio Dias, Niranjannirakhar, 1977. In my work, the paper’s hole speaks both to the void and a universe of possibilities. In connection to the title, I had the idea of creating this work while organizing my website to offer artist mentorship, thinking about the “online presence” in the www. I was then thinking about the letter “w,” which we don’t have in the Portuguese alphabet. In my self-portrait, I confronted the emptiness of my womb after my daughter was born and the new possibilities of the creation of life in my body after one pregnancy ended. Over time, I understood that this redundant image of a postpartum woman with a hole speaks directly to the internet’s redundancy in repeating knowledge and information.

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