I offer mentorship to strengthen your reasons for making art and establish your daily art practice.

I have been working with artists for more than ten years by doing art historical research, teaching in universities, and interviewing artists in my podcast. Through this experience and my Ph.D. research, I learned how to identify and integrate a theoretical perspective that can help artists to find motivation and joy in their art-making. I’ve worked with people who don’t like to call themselves artists, with very young artists, and some with successful fifty-year careers!

” Debora’s model has been extremely helpful towards achieving autonomy in my work. “

” The critical theory that Debora introduced to me is insightful and offers different perspectives in which I can approach my art.”

” I feel comfortable attempting to relate my artworks to theory now that I have an understanding of what theory is to me. “

1 hour mentorship

Schedule one hour to talk with me over Zoom.

Are you feeling stuck with a creative process? Do you need help to start your art practice or to set up your studio? Would you like to practice a studio visit, or would you like to bounce some ideas to create new opportunities for yourself? I have extensive experience talking with artists about their creative lives and can help you move in an exciting direction! I’ll follow up our meeting with one page of notes and a list of art references and suggested readings.

3 months package

Three meetings to be used over three months.

I help you identify the values that drive your art practice so you can build a robust artistic identity. We’ll start by looking at where you are and discussing where you’d like to arrive. We’ll work to structure your autotheory, that is, the basis for how you think and frame your art-making. We will consider how to position your work historically, socially, and geographically, starting from your own interests and what drives you to make art.

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