Artwork as Transposition (2)

Artwork as Transposition (2)

This week I launched my online course You Are an Artist Too. I decided at the beginning of this year that everything that I do is an artwork, so this course, especially, couldn’t be different. I found directions and gave myself permissions while doing this course that I could only do when I reminded myself that this work too is an artwork, and not merely an academic course.

The reason why I need to make everything into art is because it is in art only that I find reality. It’s been a long way for me to understand this, that only when I equate reality with art I can find the weight of truth in life. Which is also why I choose painting as my main medium: painting as a medium imposes a difficulty to reach reality; it makes evident the step that we, as human beings, always need to take to reach the real.

We keep going round and round again in this struggle about truth and reality. In philosophy and in all social sciences, since the beginning. In religion, since the beginning. Because this can be said to be THE human struggle: we make that which we perceive into what we live, we mix what we know with how we define the world, we are in the same measure confronted by reality and creating it. 

When I started to see artworks as transpositions, I was able to see reality: we access something and transform ourselves and reality as we do so. Artworks are these privileged something that are done with the purpose or as a way to create transformation. Even though transformation is happening at every second, whether we like it or not, we can make it happen, consciously, through art. But art isn’t the transformation in itself, although with my totalizing thinking everything is transformation, so art migh as well be it too. However, for the sake of differentiation, artworks facilitate, enact, initiate, or make obvious transformation. Therefore, artworks are transpositions, things that position or are positioned in a way that is trans. (I developed the idea of trans in this first text about transpositions!)

To conclude, the course You Are an Artist Too is a transposition, it transposes the making of art from the idealized realm to actions in your own reality, from me to you, and from the online market to the end of consumerism.