Creative Thursdays became Open Studio Practice

Creative Thursdays became Open Studio Practice

What is the Open Studio Practice on Thursday mornings (11 am - 1 pm)?

The Open Studio Practice is a time to make art with others, especially children. You can freely bring out your materials and be part of a group where everyone is curious and playful about making art. You can also not bring any materials and observe which ideas and feelings come to you while being in an environment where people are open to their creative lives while respecting and tending to children's needs.

After becoming a mother and studying about unschooling, I'm committed to keep finding ways to expand my art-making and counter perspectives of where and how we make art. I aim to have children integrated into our working spaces, with the acknowledgment that we all continue to learn and grow in life, and that we learn better when we pursue our passions and live in peaceful relationship with those different than us. So, the Open Studio Practice on Thursdays is a space to make art with others and pursue your creative dreams in the public eye. It's a place of freedom where you can liberate yourself from the constraints of traditional art-making and explore your creativity in a supportive environment.

While making art alongside other artists and children, you don't have to explain yourself on "why" you feel the urge to create something. Yet, you might spontaneously talk about what you are making and how you had that idea. We can cross-pollinate and work in confluence with each other. Collaborations can grow with time, and we can find peace in establishing our own rhythm for creating new things in the world. If Thursday mornings work for you, if possible let me know before showing up so I can expect you. With children, sometimes I run a little late, or sometimes I plan to bring this or that material! Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether they are parents or caregivers!

Email is best: