Collection: The Power of Creation

The Power of Creation is a collection of paintings done together with my daughter Helena when she was two years old. While doing this work, I prioritized Helena’s creative impulse and individual capacity as a very young human being. So I sat back and waited until she was done painting on one paper and proceeded to another. My contribution to each work was to merely add color to the background or any space left in white that I thought should be colored, which means that all the shapes and movements in these works come from the creative power of a child. When selecting these paintings to become printed artworks, I intend to offer proof of our innate creative ability. Collect these works to enjoy their beauty and remind yourself of your own creative power! 

Helena and I made the original artworks using artist-quality tempera paint sticks on acid-free paper to guarantee enhanced color and texture. Here, you can buy reproductions of the original works printed with perfectly matched colors in Giclée on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper.