You are an artist too | Online Course

Enjoy the ground-building work of the first artists
who took the online course 

This gallery was edited on February 29th, 2024. New works will be added monthly.


Angela Whitmore, Untitled sketchbook.

"I decided to follow the idea of using what I had at home, which is many notebooks and some crafts paint that I bought for my daughter’s school projects. I’ve been enjoying using only two colors of paint and covering the whole notebook. I have no idea what I’m doing, but it feels good and I feel liberated by your standards to think that this is my artwork."


Bobby Soares, Flying Bird, acrylic on canvas

"I went for a walk and saw the feathers of a bluebird. There were so many feathers, I’m sure that bird is dead. I was there looking at the feathers for a long time, imagining the bird, feeling sorry for the loss of its life. At that moment, I remembered a part of the course where you advised us to value what we notice. So I decided to take a chance and paint the bird. Acrylic on canvas – all student material I had sitting at home."


Alex Greyson, small portraits, 2 ⅕ X 3 inches, pen on paper.

"I’m following the prompt of making things small. I’m not happy with it, at the same time, it is kind of cool to see things coming together. I always dreamt of drawing realistic portraits, but now, doing these little things, I feel that I don’t have any patience for it… I also enjoy it more when I let it go, and the drawing isn’t so perfect… It is good to start somewhere."


Anne L.M., Another World, Photo Collage.

"I’m just manipulating photographs on my phone… I think it looks good… I could have this in my office…"


A.B., Snow on Board, Photography.

"I love minimalist art, and I definitely always feel that this is something I could do! I love the idea of printing photographs like this one for interior design!"


Anonymous, Bread Baking.

"This is just me cooking… My son insists I’m an artist, and he sees a heart in this dough. I don’t know if I want to be seen as an artist; I just want to do things well."


Larissa Valentine. Washing my anxiety away. Photograph of water painting.

"I was painting for a long time with water on rocks, feeling like I was just wasting my time. I’m just extra anxious these days. Then I remembered the course and thought that this could be my artwork! I took some cool pictures of it, although the real cool thing is to see the water evaporate."


Ava Blackmon, no title, print+paint, letter-size paper.

"I printed a photo then painted on it, then scanned it, and printed again, and painted again. I like the final result, but I don’t know what to write about it. I think I’m interested the colors… It was good to be back at my little table."


L.B.K., You gotta wash them first!, video.

"I felt some anger after watching the course video because I have so much art material that I’m just not using. So, I decided to wash my brushes, and I’m not proud to say that they smelled so bad. I don’t know for how long they were sitting in that water… Anyway, I made a video of washing them as a starting point."

Inside You Are an Artist Too, you will get:

  • A 20-minute course video with the proposition of this work, which includes a mindset shift, a few practical directions on how to start, and where to look for the right tools and clarity → Spoiler: I don’t ask you to buy any art supplies!
  • A Workbook with directions to write your Artist Bios (yes, there is more than one!) and to learn the basics of Goal Setting for Art.
  • An idea bank with three art prompts that work for any time and that you can modify according to your needs.
  • An ongoing and shared bibliography of texts that support the artist’s creative journey on a Google Doc for you to access anytime.
  • An online space within my website to exhibit one work alongside your peers, if you wish to!
  • Access to a growing collective of artists who are focusing on making art as a liberatory path for knowledge and pleasure!